I have always had a deep love for helping others, for fashion, for creating, and for art. After completing beauty school in 2012, I didn't really understand how many different routes a hairdresser could take outside of the salon environment. I did hair for my first photoshoot, and shortly after that for my first fashion show, I fell in love with the world of editorial/runway. I now work trade shows, photoshoots, and fashion weeks as often as possible. I am inspired by anything weird or subversive, it’s important to be curious. I love looking at art books, exhibitions, museums, photography, all the arts in general are something I love but I also find inspiration in poetry and shapes in nature.

I co-own Oracle; a small salon in Denver, where I service my clientele- focusing on hair color and hair cutting. It gives me the freedom to create my own schedule, travel, and participate in many things within the industry outside of the salon.

I am determined to always continue learning, growing my skill set, and developing my eye. Forever a student of my craft.